Issue with scroll bar on lessons menu


I’m having issues with my scroll bar for the lessons, i’m having to scroll down all the way to the bottom to watch, after selecting the lesson from the menu on the left.

Please can someone help?

Is it a update or maintenence issue?

Is it possibly my browser? i’ve never had this issue before, it’s just appeared from somewhere.

P.S. This issue is on the PC, no problems on the phone.

I have tried different courses and different browsers and I am not facing any such issues. I am on Windows btw.

no issues here.
tested with windows 10 + chrome and + MacOs big sur + safari

thanks for your replys guys, its fine now, it was a temporary glitch, it sorted itself out somehow, trust me it did take place lol

Hi Apurv,

Similar issue again, scroll bar has moved from left to right, can’t. scroll down on lessons, can you monitor this please? The issue comes and goes, I’ll try to screen shot next time.


@NathanHouse + @Tiron + @Apurv-StationX
I also have this issue.
MacOs Big Sur + safari and Windows 10 + chrome.

Can anybody fix this?

I have informed Nathan about this