Issues installing Kali [solved]

I want to install kali linux but i can’t , I have tried with VMware and Virtual Box, using an iso image and with the other one process,with both doesn’t work
I don´t know what i have to do.

First make sure you downloaded the right version for your computer, so use 64 bit version cause you have a 64 bit processor, also use the ready .ova image.

Also make sure that hardware virtualisation or VT is enabled from your bios, this is different depending on your computer, the usual procedure is.

  1. reboot your computer.

  2. Look for instruction (on the bottom of the screen) on how to enter bios settings .

  3. In the settings look for VT or hardware virtualisation, enable it, save and quit.

If that didn’t fix it then go to the machine settings from Virtual Box and make sure that the type is set to Linux and version is set to Debian 64 or Debian 32 again depending on the Kali version you downloaded.