Issues with Kali Linux installation on MacBook Air 2020 (M1 Chip)

I installed VirtualBox correctly and I just installed Kali Linux from the custom version from the instructor of one of the courses offered and I keep on getting this message below.
“The hardware virtualization is enabled in the Acceleration section of the System page although it’s not supported by the host system. It should be disabled in order to start the virtual machine.” I’m not sure what that means and how to fix it. If anyone knows how to fix this problem respond below.

I assume there are many issues related to Virtualbox and vmware for the M1 chip and both the vendors will release their updates soon for it to work with the new chip

I understand that now after looking quite a bit, but I’m having the same issue on my other MacBook Air early 2015 version. What could I be doing that keeps on making it not work? I did it exactly how the instructor said to in the course.

There are few additional problems with macOS like maybe you have less storage or memory. Another thing is while importing the OS image disable the audio driver.

So do you suggest that it would be better for me to look at getting a windows laptop or just wait to see when they can get things compatible for the M1 chip.

I would say wait. Companies are updating their apps and also M1 is really good when compared to Intel

Okay will do thanks. I hope they’re able to get it updated soon.

I also have an M1 Mac, and Im looking for documentation about running Kali Tools for Mac instead of the entire OS. This should be possible, but I’m still looking into it before I start tinkering.