Jason Dion's Security+ Course

Hi, wondering if this course covers the type of performance-based questions tested in the CompTIA Security+ exam.
If not, is there another course that does?
Are there other good ways to get practice with such questions?

It covered everything you need to pass the test.

It does but it doesn’t have chapter wise quizzes and a complete study guide/notes which should be there as they are wherever this course is offered on different websites/platforms. They are an integral part of learning, please reply as this was my main reason to join stationX hoping the courses are full, if it’s a bug please fix that.

Hi Kunal can you explain more, im halfway through module of security+, do you mean its not in depth enough?

I do not doubt that this course is good enough and has depth. The only issue is it is not fully compiled or updated as this specific course by Jason Dion is on his site or udemy. You can see two things are missing, which might not be a problem or hindrance to regular course flow, but they supplement the learning. They are-

  1. The chapter-wise quizzes
  2. A comprehensive study Guide pdf By Jason Dion.
    Again I would reinstate that this course itself is deep enough to prepare, but in the context of what we pay for the course, we should be getting an updated and full course.

Thats strange, because ive been completing the quizes after each chapeter, there are usually about 2 or 3 questions, are there more on udemy?

There is a pretty good study guide in the first video of module 1, it covers all the lecture materials in bullet-point form. Im at part 2 so far

Im very happy with it so far, in comparison to the other courses out there (cybrary/lynda), and Jason has a pretty high pass rate for his students, i think about 96%. But if there are more updates in udemy i also vote for the updates being ported over here!