Just an Idea for more Security

Hi guys, I was just playing around with different OS present on my VM and a thought came to my mind so I thought I’ll share it here maybe you guys can give me your opinions or feedback of what you think about the idea and I will make myself clear this is just an idea so it may seem foolish for most you or this kind of things might already exists that I may not know off so please do let me know
As you might already know VMs can be used for isolation so I thought if we can create a program that hides your host OS from user view and bring up a virtual OS instead of your host OS then the person who gets access into your System will view your virtual OS as a host OS which makes him feel he is actually using your machine which has your personal details.And your host OS would be running in the background which can be accessed via a command that switches the virtual OS with your actual host OS.

Note:- Your host OS boots up in the background along with your Virtual OS but the idea here is to make your Virtual OS run on the front end and your Host OS to run on the backend of the System…

Its an idea! In theory this is good. But technically may be difficult to implement.

Thanks for your support if you have any opinion or feedback please do let me know.After all you are the person who motivates people like me to think differently so any info from you is definitely a boost so you can tell anything you feel

Cheers :blush:

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I was wondering about this, whether one could layer virtual machines like an onion, or perhaps at least run a docker container within a virtual machine, so that it minimizes performance impact and if the attacker bypasses your docker container they would only get to the virtual machine OS?

Perhaps layering of virtual machines could be used in combination with a whonix gateway or gateway running in a virtual machine? Your guest OS could be the physical layer that an atatcker would need to bypass. Some of the best security ive found is with those virtualized monitors running from a server at public institutions. Just thinking out loud anyway

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