Kali 6 VM hangs and can't shutdown UNUSABLE

Yesterday, the Kali VM hung once, and I was able to exit and restart. However, now if I start the VM and try to open any app. such as a terminal, the app opens with just a shadow border, and instead of a black background, it has the same color as the desktop (as though it’s transparent). Also, following the course, I named the initial install of Kali as “Fresh Install” and cloned it. However I can’t start the clone (it’s grayed) and the only version I can start is Fresh Install. This all makes the course unusable. Should I start over and remove/re-install Kali? Will I wind up with the same results? Can someone offer some guidance?

I signed up for the Ethical Hacking course. Installed VirtualBox and Kali 6.x on my Windows 10, 64-bit machine with 16GB RAM. Was exploring Kali VM. Added a Firefox shortcut to the desktop, and then explored the menu of applications available from the install but didn’t select any. Hovered over the icons at the top right of the screen, and no hover text appeared under the cursor as normal. Kali was hung, so I clicked the shut-down icon and Kali displayed the in-progress widget over the icon. In progress continued and the icon never opened so I could select Shutdown. I had to resort to restarting Windows 10 and killing Kali in the process in order to regain control of the machine. Is there a more elegant way to recover if this happens again? Doesn’t give me a warm/fuzzy feeling.

SOLVED (I think). I overlooked setting ‘Full Screen’ on the View menu. If that is not set, the display is wonked as described in the original post. I only discovered this after removing the origninal Kali VM and reinstalling :frowning:

Learning by doing, the best way to learn :slight_smile:

It looks like something was up with the graphic drivers, glad you worked it out.

Thanks Tiron for your reply. I’m a bit of a Debian newbie, but generally good at troubleshooting. Perseverance wins!