Kali and Backdoors and Bit defender


Did you ever got the feeling, what if Kali have a backdoor ( which can be used by gov to hack you!) that only the creators know ?

also Bitdefender ! now they offers to add to the browser plugin to control cookies and prevented from being stolen by altering it. I mean really ?!

My ultimate goal is %100 privacy and anonymity and this is a current global challenge.

Please tell me what do you think ?

Kali is an open-source *nix. A large number of people maintain it, so it is unlikely that it will have a backdoor.
I don’t know much about Bitdefender’s browser plugin. Nowadays, the windows defender is decent enough to secure your Windows.
You can’t have 100% privacy. You can reduce your footprints online. Privacy Tools (https://www.privacytools.io/) is a great site that provides many privacy-focused tools.

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