Kali download issue

Hi there,

I am trying to download Kali 2020 (customised) for the ‘Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch’ course.

I am using the link ‘https://ln2.sync.com/dl/5bc3609f0/tupv2nuq-uay4z77e-fff9etdm-sdvwvnk4/view/default/9169492240004’ provided in the lecture, but I have a download speed of <80kbps. It is not my internet as other downloads are faster, nor my browser as I have tried with multiple.

At this speed it says it will take 12-14 hours, is there a fix for this as I would have to leave my laptop uninterrupted for a whole day before I can progress.


Did you try torrent?



I had not, completely missed that! Downloading swiftly now thank you!

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