Kali-Linux As Your Everyday OS

Does anyone use Kali-Linux as their default everyday “go-to” operating system?

I’m talking about on-line internet browsing, on-line banking, booking plane tickets, coding, etc.

Do you enjoy the OS?
Do you wish it was better?
What are the pros and cons of using Kali as your default OS?

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Although I have never done it myself, generally speaking the majority of the people I have talked to say its not a good idea.

Do you know of any OS or distros where one can use the tools of Kali, but great to use as a everyday OS?
I hear Fedora KDE is a potential one to use.

Ive heard of people who do that and have success. I know some people also really like gnome.

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Kali runs as root. Thats not good for security everyday use.


Kali - Pen testing
Tails - For security, privacy and anonymity. Protection from local forensics.
Whonix workstation and gateway. A focus on anonymity and preventing leaks out of the Tor network.
Whonix OS + Qubes OS - security through isolation and compartmentalization. Privacy and anonymity.
Qubes OS - Security through isolation and compartmentalization implemented using virtualization
Hardened Gentoo Linux - With grsecurity and PaX
Subgraph OS - Security, privacy and anonymity.; Another Debian based Linux distribution, it features security hardening which makes it more resistant to security vulnerabilities. Subgraph runs many desktop applications in a security sandbox to limit their risk in case of compromise. By default, it anonymizes Internet traffic by sending it through the Tor network. Note: It is still in alpha, and much testing and bug fixing still has to be done.
Parrot Security OS - Security GNU/Linux distribution designed with cloud pentesting and IoT security in mind.
Astra Linux - Russian Linux-based secure operating system
Trisquel OS - The project aims for a fully free software system without proprietary software or firmware and uses Linux-libre, a version of the Linux kernel with the non-free code (binary blobs) removed
Debian - Good general use OS with a security focus.
MacOS - Good general use. (Less malware for it over Windows) Limited security software available for it.
Arch Linux - Good general use OS with a security focus.
OpenBSD - Good general use OS with a security focus.
Windows 10 - Good security features. Privacy nightmare. Lots of security software available for it.
Windows 7/8 - ok for general us. Lots of security software available for it.


WOW, great list!
Parrot is speaking to me right now, but there’s also more great ones I see here.
This will be fun.
Thank you.