Kali Linux Login Error

I installed virtualbox and Kali Linux but the defaults to login ‘root’ and ‘toor’ are not working. I use a MacBook Air with a Intel i-5 dual core processor.

PLEASE let me know if this helps. Try “kali” and “kali”

Please see:

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you can also reset login passwords if you get stuck in most linux versions

This worked! Big help!

So I got in Kali using login kali and password kali, since root and toor didn’t work, but this happens now:

That command requires root privileges, which you no longer have by default. Use sudo with it, like this:
sudo apt-get update

It will ask for a password, which I believe is kali, although I’m not sure because I haven’t used that version yet.

Ok, sorry, found it: “new” command is:
sudo apt install terminator
sudo apt update

Password is kali indeed.


Make sure you use the update command first before you use install. Also, apt OR apt-get can be used, either is fine.