Kali linux problem

I downloaded kali linux custom for ethical hacking and 7zip to open it but it wont work Running windows 11 home

Are you saying that the 7zip was not able to unzip the Kali linux on your windows 11 machine?

I am having issues downloading the Kali Linux for windows. I have tried to download the 2021 version from Learn Social Engineering From Scratch but I get a network error in the last minute of the download.

The 2020 version from Learn Python & Ethical Hacking From Scratch (the 64 bit version from link one, link two, and Torrent) Link one seems to be broken error msg: 8026 This link has been deleted by the owner. Torrent says URL not found. Link two I get the same network error in the last minute of the download.

I also found a Kali Linux 2022 version (don’t recall exactly where on stationx but that also gives me the network error in the last minute of the download as well.

I have tried edge, chrome, and Brave browsers.

I do not seem to have any issues downloading any other files but the Kali Linux seems to give me problems every time. Any ideas?

You can install Kali VM from their official website and then install all the tools needed for the course while going through the videos. The custom Kali is just there so that people don’t need to install those tools but if you want to learn in depth then installing tools by yourself is the way to go.

Thank you for the quick reply. Is there a list of the additional tools required? Something like an updated resource list located somewhere on StationX?

I don’t think there is any list but all the courses show which tools are used in each video so you can install it when you are going through them.