Kali Linux VM. No Internet access using NatNetwork

I am following the course: Learn Python & Ethical Hacking From Scratch
In the video where the instructor set the Kali Linux VM, he set the network as NatNetwork. I followed the video and from my host machine (Ubuntu) I am connected to Internet with a Wi-Fi connection, but from the VM with Kali, I do not have Internet connection.
What should I set to in the network settings to get to connect to Internet?

Please help.

In the Kali VM, you are going to use a wired connection, regardless of the connection type on the host OS. Unless you download some drivers and use a USB wireless antenna.

Assuming you just want access to the net from your Kali VM on Ubuntu, if you click in the upper right hand corner do you see where it has the network connections? Do you see Wired as On?

If you do, what is the output of ifconfig -a? If you see a IPv4 and 6 internet address then your networking should be ok. If you don’t see either, check and make sure your network services are turned on. Check your Network Manager and verify that the eth0 card is turned on.

Let us know how it goes.

My host connects to the Internet using Wi-Fi, and in my VM I have the wired on connection.
I do see an IPv4 and IPv6 in the command line when I do ifconfig -a.

Everything is set according to the steps given by the instructor, but I still cannot connect from the VM to Internet.