Kali Linux + Wifi Adapter not working

Can someone help me connect my wifi adapter (Realtek rtl8812au) to my Kali virtual machine?
I run it on Vmware and I have installed the drivers for it. Can someone help? Thanks.

Try following this tutorial - how to install rtl8812au driver - KaliTut or check other sites where people have been talking about it. There ar multiple reasons why an adaptor doesn’t work. Also, try searching in this forum as people have asked these questions before.

  1. Install the usb device in the setup of your VM.
  2. Unplug your usb device.
  3. Boot up your VM.
  4. Once the VM is fully booted and at the desktop, plug in your usb device.
  5. Use ifconfig to confirm if it has a working interface.

I’ve also found this to be particularly buggy on virtual box. VMware doesn’t have any issues with it to my knowledge.