Kali setup

I have Linux and windows installed on my Virtual box. I’m a bit confused as I do not understand the role Kali Linux will be playing when I already have Linux running. Am I supposed to also install Kali Linux on my VM? How are both different? Please help. Thank you!

It all depends on what you want. If you use a debian based linux distro you can also install all the tools included in Kali Linux separately. Kali Linux is debian linux with lots of hacking tools already installed. For the person who made the course it is simply easier because he/she knows that you have all the tools that are used.

These are the tools that are already installed if you are using Kali linux. There are also complete packages that contain these tools, but that again depends on the linux distro you are using.

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Thank you @Edwin for you response that has helped clarify a couple of things that were actually confusing. From the course , It’s not very clear how I can install kali Linux on my machine. That was the reason for my confusion.

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Thank you so much @Edwin. The video was super helpful and I have my Kali Linux up and running now. Thanks for your assistance.

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you’re welcome.