Kali slow to boot up but goes down fast

Working on Zaid’s course on Ethical Hacking & Python.
I just installed the version of Kali he indicates and the latest version of VMWare.
However, Kali is very slow to start up (the whole process takes up to 10 minutes), and if I stop using it for just a few minutes, I have to log in and wait again for several minutes.
What should I do?

system specs?
How many memory did you allocate for the vm?
How many cpu cores did you give the vm?

MS Windows 10 Home, x64 based PC, 1800Mhz 4-core processor, 4 logical processors,

VirtualBox settings are default as per Kali 2020 x64 Customized by zSecurity v1.3:
2 processors, 2048MB

As for the number of CPU cores dedicated to the VM, I don’t know. I don’t see that information in my PC’s system settings or in the VB settings. Where would I find it?

vb cpu
this shows you that there is 1 cpu core allocated for a Ubuntu vm.

And one more question.
Do you use the kali version from zsecurity?
or do you use the official version?

here you can find the Zsecurity version.

Thanks, I am using the version from zSecurity. I don’t see a way to change the number of CPUs allocated (the option seems to be blocked by default). Please see the attached pictures. I look forward to your reply.

Is the vm turned off when you watch that screen?

Ah, that seems to have been the problem.
How many CPUs should I allocate to the VM?
How much base memory?

Just play along a bit. I would start with 2 CPU cores and 4GB of ram.

If all of this doesn’t work. Try deleting the entire VM file for Kali and then reinstall from scratch. There may be several issues due to which the boot time is so long.