Kali turns off my wireless adapter, please help!

I have setup my wireless adapter and wlan0 shows up as it should and has been set to monitor mode, then for some reason every time I open kali it turns my adapter off. I have tried loading kali then connecting but it turns of straight away. I have also loaded kali with the adapter already plugged in and the same happens, it just turns off.
any help would be greatly appreciated
kind reagrds

Hi Bclarker,

  • Basically try this on a fresh install

  • Experiment with connecting the adapter before and after Kali loads, and after you login as root.

  • Try to connect the adapter directly to the PC port without using any USB external port or a hub, and try to plug it into different USB ports in your PC.

  • Make sure that you’re adapter is not connected to the main host machine, because it can only be used on 1 machine at a time.

  • Try apt-get update & apt-get upgrade then reboot and see.