Kioptrix level 1 question

When I run enum4linux the version of Samba is not showed. How do I do in order to find out Samba version?

Hello jsparrow,

This is a known issue with the new version of enum4linux. At the time of the recording, it was working fine. You could either rollback the version, or use Metasploit’s auxiliary module to scan SMB.


use auxiliary/scanner/smb/smb_version



Hi Jesse,

Just for testing email alert want to comment out

I tried the Nmap command for the last IP address like it says in the lecture, but it says there is 1 hour remaining. It works a lot more slowly for me than it does for you in the lecture. Why is it so slow for me?

What exact Nmap command are you trying? Maybe try switching the options.

Nmap -p- -A

That was the IP address of Kioptrix 1

That p flag you put will scan all 65535 ports which will obviously take a lot of time. You can remove it and it will scan only top ports