Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch: Kali Linux

I’m currently going through the course “Learn Hacking From Scratch” with Zaid Al Quraishi as the instructor under the Complete Ethical Hacking Course bundle. In his lesson, I’m/we’re asked to download kali Linux, a particular one he specified. I currently do have Windows 10, and everytime I download the kali linux, I’m presented not with a 7.Zipped file, but this:
Kali 2021 x64 Customized by zSecurity v1.01.ova.part.

So every time, the kali linux doesn’t work. I tried installing that Linux like that on both Virtualbox and Vmware, and it didn’t work on both virtual machines. Although it’s not 7.zipped, I extracted the file as it is shown on the video, and when I tried opening the virtual machine, I couldn’t find anything to open. What can I do to solve the issue. I don’t have a torrent application, and I only download the SHA-1 file because of the encryption.

I would appreciate any help

Don’t worry anymore. I decided to try downloading the file again, and opening it with vmware through the import method. At first it refuse, and I clicked on “retry” for OVF requirements to relax, and now it worked

I can’t find the link to download the kali Linux

You can download it from here - https://zsecurity.org/download-custom-kali/

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When I try to unzip the Kali link, it doesn’t let me unzip it. It keeps showing this prompt.
Screenshot 2023-04-02 175636

Are you using 7zip to unzip it? If not you can download 7zip by searching on google.

Yes. I used 7zip, it just doesn’t work.

Ok, never mind; I got it to work and unzipped the file.