Learn ethical hacking from scratch, wifi issue

Hi, have an alfa awuso36ach usb adapter. Works fine with the course Kali download from Zaid. I am now using a fresh kali ova install from the kali website. This kali I configured exactly like Zaid decribed in the lecture. The usb settings show installed however when I run the machine iwconfig does not see the wifi connection. Please help. I tried installing a compat- wireless driver and this gave me two wlan ports but still no connection. What else can I try? Thanks, Stuart

Try this:
apt install firmware-atheros

Try to uninstall and reinstall the firmware if it already exists:

apt remove firmware-atheros

apt install firmware-atheros

Apurv, thanks for the fast reply. I tried that this morning but still the machine does not recognize the usb connection. Again when I select "devices, usb, the drop down menu shows with a check mark that the correct usb is attached. The usb attached is showing that it is a Realtek 802.11 NIC. this however is what comes on after i plug in the alfa device and again works great with Zaid’s version of Kali.

Finally got it. It needed a driver that is downloadable from rokland.com. There is also video instructions on how to install. one thing you need to install dkms before you use the make command. I hope this helps someone in the future!

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