Learn Network Hacking From Scratch

Hi @Zaid_Sabih @Zaid

I have had a few problems running your downloads from this course. I was able solve most of the issues I encoutnered but it is a bit frustrating.

Latest probelm is running Mana. The hostapd-hidden.conf file is blank as is all the files in the mana-toolkit directory located in /etc/mana-toolkit. I ran the bash script you provded which looks straight forward when I catted the contents. My hunch is the tool has been udpated and this part of your course isn’t relevant as a result.

Can you please advise on this?


Hi, the Mana toolkit has been deprecated but you can still use it. You can find all the files on their Github: GitHub - sensepost/mana: *DEPRECATED* mana toolkit for wifi rogue AP attacks and MitM. Also visit their website: https://w1f1.net/ to get the files for all subtools under Mana