Learn python and ethical hacking from scratch

i am inlearn python and ethical hacking from scratch course and when i got to the part of downloading kali linux the zaids’s custom kali the links are not working for 64-bit
what should i do

if the normal download doesn’t work,try torrent.

it downloaded but not in a .ova form it downloaded in a 7z form what should i do

You have to use a tool to decompress a 7z file. A tool like PeaZip or 7zip will work

how do i open the torrent file

There really are hundreds of software applications that can do that. I personally always use https://www.utorrent.com/.

thank you very much
so i downloaded it and i got to the point of executing pycharm but the terminal is not finding this document
please help

Hey nice information, by the way you also check this page to know more about hacking and python.