Learn Python & Ethical Hacking from Scratch by Zaid

I have registered for the course “Learn Python & Ethical Hacking from Scratch " by Zaid and have being successful in understanding from section 1-6 and I am stuck on section. i have to following the video step by step and was able to make poising the victim machine spoofing works. when i got to the part that has to running " Writing a DNS Spoofing” the dnsSpoof to see package showing in the terminal as he did i see nothing running. worst of all when i used CTRl + C to end the terminal i get error . How to i make it works as it’s in the video to end section 7 ? Please i being stuck on this for 4 days now. The first 2 images show my problems and bottom 2 show success of other sections.


Did you successfully run the IPTABLES command, as shown in the video? And did you ping a website for this program to work? If yes please share the screenshot for that also

Thanks for the reply. i was able to have that resolve by doing further research. I realized that I am using python 3.1 most problems come with concatenation.