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I’m stuck at the replace_download.py script. I’m trying to replace downloads from my local Kali machine. When I click on the .exe file to be downloaded (which is hosted on http://localhost/evil_files/) folder, I get a message that the Page isn’t redirecting properly. Any help to resolve this would be appreciated.

Are you able to directly access that locaphost page from the browser? If yes, then the problem is in the exe.

Thank you for the response. Any ideas on what the “problem with the exe” could be?
(I’m able to access the localhost page from the browser.)

Ok good to know that localhost page is working, which means the connection is good. There can be multiple things with the exe - your Windows firewall may be stopping the connection, Windows version issue, windows defender preventing the connection. Are you doing this on your host Windows 11? If yes, I would say try it in a VM and check.