Learn to code hacking tools


I would like to learn to code ethical hacking tools like bettercap, Nmap and metasploit
but how do I get the coding experience? What language should I choose? Python, c++ or something else? I want to create the tools pentesters can use. Do anyone has a advice for me where to start?

You can start with python as that is easy to learn and then go on to other languages depending on the type of work you want to do. For most of the part, Python should be enough as you have to write your own script. But Go is also a good language when it comes to fast processing with ease. For learning any of these languages, just Google and you will get lots of resources.

Thanks Apurv

I will start off with Python. Do you know any good course to learn Python?

Try this one: https://courses.davidbombal.com/p/quokka

Thanks Senju,

I will look into that.