Linkedin Certificate Issue

Hi Nathan
hope you are doing well

I have a query regarding the certificate of vol 1 cybersecurity course.
I wanna attach my certificate to Linkedin.
but in Linkedin, they ask for a certificate URL.
but my certificate URL will only open if I logged into my stationx account.
need guidance, please.

Have a good day

You should be able to list it under Licenses and certificatifications. Click the + symbol beside it and it should open a new pop window. Copy and paste the name of the Course into the Name field.
Under Issuing Organization start typing stationx and it should auto-populate with StationX and the Logo.

Enter the date issues. Leave the URL blank and enter your certificate# under Credential ID.
It should show up like the below screenshot in your LinkedIn profile.

Thanks for the help

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Does this look good?

Yes, that looks good :slight_smile: