Linux Mint as primary everyday OS?

Ive been using Linux Mint for quite some time now, and ive been very happy as an easier lower learning curve change from using windows on a regular basis.

I know Nathan recommends Debian as a good privacy OS to use primarily, has anyone had any experience with the debian version of linux mint? I want privacy but also not to have a too steep learning curve, such as ive found with kali, tails etc


Ive tried installing linux mint debian edition recently, found it too buggy and eventually crashed, but really enjoying using Linux Mint Mint edition so far, and i highly recommend it.

I myself has problems with linux mint. If I recall correctly it kept crashing on me as well. Then I found out that my AMD processor was wasn’t compatible with the newest version of Mint. I have an intel laptop so I’m going to give it a second shot on that. I heard some good things about mint.

Seem to be having good results with parrot OS, even though its more complex to use than mint, such as using synaptic package mannager, broken packages, installing files. etc, all good learning experiences i guess. Mint apart from the occasional display bugs, has been very good for me