Listening for incoming connections [solved]

When I perform msfconsole, then use/exploit/multi/handler and then show options. There is missing the part that says Payload options

The above image is your screen, however the whole part Payload options (windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp): is missing in my screen

Name is empty current settings required Description are empty too

You need to select a payload first to see the payload options, so you need to do


Where [PAYLOAD NAME] is the name of the payload that backdoor uses.

Your default output of msfconsole in Section 7 lecture 27, ie after opening msfconsole you get the prompt msfexploit(handler) but whenever I run msfconsole my default prompt is simply msf> until I make some sort of selection or open an exploit

I am happy running msfconsole as part of your other courses but unless I run service postgresql start before running msfconsole then I get error Failed to connect to the database could not connect to server.

You can save your config in msfconsole so when you start it the next time it would start from where you left last, I usually leave it saved at multi handler so that I have that ready to use when I start, you can save your config at any point you want, for example start msfconsole, then do

use exploit/multi/handler


set LPORT…

set LHOST …

Then just do


to save this, so everytime you start msfconsole you’ll start from here, in the multi handler with this payload and this lport and host.

As for the database issue then don’t worry about this unless you want to use the database from something (we never use it during the course).