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I am new to all this and would like some suggestions to get started in the cyber security field, where to start, what to learn, what kinda classes to take. I am retiring soon from the navy and want this to be my new career, any help would be great. I have started a basic online programming course over at the MIT site. I was told that learning programming would be a good start because you have to know how programs are written to be able to stop them.

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Here is a guide to starting a career in cyber security. Cyber Security Career Guide

Learning a programming language is not 100% required for all security roles. Some roles just don’t need it especially those that are less technical like management. But I would recommend learning coding it if you want to be the best and Python is a good place to start.

I always recommend Python as a language for security pros. It’s a good/easy first language to learn AND allows you to create highly functional programs with not much code. Its good for pen testing, security operations and general automation.

Learning bash is also good if you like pen testing and security operations.



Hope that helps