Mac address reverts

i’m using a kali linux VM on a windows 10 machine and i could succesfully install the wlan, but when i change the MAC address it reverts back. now, i have followed the tips on the leafpad and i did all the changes, reactivated the NM service and yet, it reverts back again. any thoughts? i may have done something wrong somewhere

What do you mean by reverts back? What happens when you change the MAC? Do you know that it actually changes or no? What all steps are you following?

hello, it’s fine, i found out the problem. Also i forgot to come here and check. Thank you very much, and since i’m here i got another question, if you could tell me:

when targeting a network with airodump-ng i can only see the data going through this network, and i can’t accidentally see someone alse’s data right? i’d like to try the airodump-ng program from the course learn ethical hacking from scratch on my own router, knowing the name of the network (the one my physical machine is connected to), the brand and that the last 4 digit of the name are actually the last 4 values of the bssid (at least i think, for the last one but i’m sure on the first two, so there is no way i could make a mistake, i know it’s my own router). i just wanna make sure i don’t do something i can’t control.

Thank you very much

What do you exactly mean by “see the data” like what type of data? With airodump-ng, you can see all the devices connected to a particular router for most of the time. Unless you connect with the router yourself, I don’t think you can see any data passing through the network

yes but i saw in the class of learn ethical hacking from scratch that i should be able to target my own network, if for example i wanted to test it and see if i can catch my own network’s packets, i wanna perform a security test on my own network. if i target with my VM my router in my flat. does it make sense?

Yes, you can test your network. But I am saying you will only see the network packets when you are connected to the network. You cannot see the packets while performing Wi-Fi attack using airodump-ng.

yes, i understand, i phrased my question wrong, what i mean is if i am connected to my WI FI and i were to try and catch packets i can only catch mine, right? i know airodump-ng only shows me the networks, but if i connect to my own network with my VM through airodump-ng i can see my own packets only. i mean, to see the packets of a computer you need to be connected to the same router right? you can’t be connected to router 2 and see the packets from router 1 right? i can only test my router, my home network if my VM connects to it, and i can see the packets back and forth from my host machine, my phone etc etc? Am I talking nonsense? sorry, i’m new to practical cyber security, but thank you for the patience sir

Yes, you can only see the packets connected to your WiFi. You cannot see packets from some other WiFi network.

perfect, you see i’m a little green at this, and i didn’t want to risk catching data that weren’t mine in the process of testing my own router and encryption. so if i have my host machine connected and Kali running kali will be able to catch the packets between my pc and my router or my phone and my router or phone and pc but nothing outside of my own stuff? unless somebody else is connected to my access point. did i get it right?

so many thanks for your patience sir

Yes you got it right