Machinelearning/Artfificial Intelligence

Nathan and Team and anyone else that cares to read this.

First of all wanted to say that I have just just started volume 1 of the 4 volume Complete Cyber Security Course and I have learnt so much already.

a quick question - I read a report somewhere that over 70% o f businesses now use machine learning/artficial intelligence to help protect there assets from the more sophisticated attacks today i.e. like ransomware.

I guess my question is do you think AI will make protection of assets a lot easier or is it just another challenge for would be attackers?

Reading a lot about in security articles these days.

Many thanks.


AI and machine learning is probably the future of both attack and defence in cyber security. Basic AI is in many products. Or at least they call it AI so people will buy it. I cover this on Volume 4 of my course actually. So check that out.