Macro programming language [solved]

During lecture 49, you have used a file “download and execute” for excel macros.

What kind of language you have used to create these files?

I want to know more about the programming side of it, Since I too want to create powershell of my own using the programming language.

Kindly provide me details about the programming side of hacking like which language is more suited stuff like that

Its VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).

This language is only useful when it comes to writing macros and stuff like that… See people usually ask what’s the best programming language for hacking, its hard to answer this, the thing is once you know programming you can program in any language, it doesn’t matter, the main thing is you understand the concepts.

If you want to start learning programming then I suggest starting with c, you probably won’t use it to write any programs but its really good cause it will teach you how computers work, then you can learn something high level like python and you’ll find it very easy to learn and use, combined with your C experience you’ll be able to understand what python is doing at the background and you’ll be a very good programmer.