Making sure a file doesn't get recovered

Whenever a file is deleted in Windows there is a possibility that it can be recovered but if you create a new file and delete the new file, it reduces the chances of recovering the previous file. So if I have a file in a folder on the desktop and I delete it and I wish to reduce the chances of recovering the file which was in the folder, do I create a file within the same folder to delete or anywhere else on the filesystem?

Thanks for reading.

It depends on the type of drive you have. I think this only works on a HDD as you delete and write something on the same location on the disk and that is why it is hard to recover. I don’t know if this will work on a SSD.

If you have HDD, then this will work if you create a file at the same location where you deleted it from. I will suggest you use some kind of tools to permanently delete the file (Google it).