Maltego community edition?

Course: Learn Ethical Hacking from Scratch
Lesson: Discovering Websites, Links & Social Networking Accounts Associated with Target

I’m doing the section on Maltego and it looks like almost everything shown in the video requires the paid version to work. (For example, getting websites associated with a person requires a Bing search which is a paid-only feature.) Is the video using the paid version, or am I missing a way to use these features in the community edition?

The course uses a free Maltego version only. For this particular video, the instructor is using To Website [Using Search Engine] and not To Website [Bing]. In the new version fo Maltego, the using search engine option has to be added manually from the Transform Manager.

You can install the same Maltego version also that is shown in the video if you want or manually add the transforms that is used in the videos