Maltego Information gatering [solved]

I am looking for website where i can use maltego tool.

You have any idea about safe website for hacking purpose.

Technically it is legal to use maltego against any website because it only discovers data that is publicly avalable, but I wouldn’t recommend you run it against any website, you can test it against one of these sites here as they are designed to be hacked

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I viewed your link which you have provide & have one question.

These site have vulnerabilities & hacker will use these sites for practice.

Since these websites are hacked by many hacker. Is it possible a hacker can try to hack my pc will I am trying to hack into the vulnerable website?

Yeah that is possible but highly unlikely as the admins of these websites always ensure that there are no codes there that can be used to hack into others, anyway I only told you to use maltego against these sites, you can go back to them to practice your skills later when you are more confident that you can keep yourself safe.

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