Maltego search engine transformers do not work

Maltego always tells me that bing transformers are only used with paid versions, are there any settings to make it use the other search engines other than bing? I tried to modify the settings but I couldn’t.

Can you help plz?


I suppose you can add more transforms from the Transform manager. [Using Bing] transform is a paid feature. You can use [Using Search Engine] transform.

How do we do that? I tried several different things but it’s not working

I tried it and I also couldn’t figure it out. I think they completely removed searching through search engines for free.

I got this from another answer here: "You’ll get this problem only when you want to use a transformer that relies on the search engine, the reason for this is that Bing started charging people for using their search API, so the only solution is to purchase a license, but you can still use all other transformers that do not rely on search engine.

The search engine transformers just use Bing anyway to search for result, so you can just do that manually yourself, the only disadvantage is that you’ll get the result in the web browser instead of having them in a nice graph."