Malwarebyte antivirus

What do you think of MalwareByte-antivirus ? I have been working in a few System Integrators and I.T. Support jobs and they all seem to be using the free-version of MalwareByte for catching malware not detected by their pre-installed anti-virus software. It seems to be a tool used by “professionals” (non-end-users) to ‘kill’ viruses and she seems to be working quite well. What I mean is, it seems to be an extra line of protection and not many layman knows about it.

I have a third line of protection, Hitman Pro. Do you think I am going bonkers with so many la?yers of protection. Are they necessary ?

Seeking and waiting for your professional view.

All good questions. Volume 4 is dedicated to end-point-protection and anti-virus. This is a complex question because AVs traditional approaches don’t work. So then we have to look at the individual products specifically for their efficacy in the current threat landscape.

For windows the top three pay for products (today) across all tests types and across most test labs trend to be roughly. But this changes. -

MalwareByte and hitmanpro are also good products that I used for removal.

But you should also be thinking about next generation AV like cylance

The real answer is that for full protection you will be using a few products that spread functionality across, protect, defect, respond and recovery for known and unknown threats. I would watch volume 4 if this is something that interests you.