Man in the middle attack [solved]

can we perform man in the middle attack to install backdoor in android?

if yes are we learn this man in the middle attack are we’ll have to buy another course?

You can replace the files that the target downloads, but you’ll have to replace the file with an APK, so its not really practical, you can’t replace apps downloaded from the play store cause they get downloaded over https which is encrypted.

What you can do is hook a phone to beef if you were the man in the middle without asking the user to press on anything, then from there you can ask them to install an update as shown in the course.

Hooking people to beef using MITM is covered in my network hacking and general ethical hacking courses.

if i want to learn social network hacking like hacking of any facebook account,whats app,instagram etc suggest me a course in this regard

A lot of the attacks explained here can be used to do that (using a keylogger, by hacking into the target computer, by hacking into the target person’s phone then reset the password using the phone number, using fake logins, using pretty theft …etc), I actually think this course covers the best methods for achieving what you want, the only thing that it lacks is arp spoofing attacks where you can sniff passwords from computers on the same network and hook them to beef without sending them anything, this is explained in my networks hacking course and in my general ethical hacking course, checkout the bonus lecture (last lecture of this course) for links to these courses.