Mana-toolkit creating access point (honeypot)

Hi Tech,
I wonder if you can help out. I am trying to create a fake access point using mana-toolkit.

The video gives you some steps and it says the failure might happen for first time but I cant seem to get it running. I have been through the same steps 5-7 times and no luck. Here is a screen shot of what I am getting. Can you please help out here? Am I missing something?

I had the same problem which I found was caused by bad usb contact at my wifi adapter which sometimes disconnects itself when it slightly moves. So if it persists it should indicate disconected adapter. But if this is not the issue we have to wait for someone more knowledgeable.

Hello Snt,

I can’t see what the issue there, it seems like it worked, did you try connecting to the network from a different computer?

Hi it didn’t, I could not get the bottom part of the results in the image because of the size, but it still said HIT ENTER TO KILL.

It is not moving any further from here