Mana-toolkit not working as a honeypot

Hello again, following along the course to set up the fake access point. Everything looks exactly like the course example. When I run bash /use/share/mana-toolkit/run-mana/ I get the exact first results as zaid. It fails and says hit enter to kill. I keep trying to rerun and get the same results.
Anything else I can try? Thanks again,

Also seems like when I run the script I loose my internet connection from Kali right away. I am setup as a nat soon as I start the script my nat connection disappears from the top right of the Kali screen.DeepinScreenshot_select-area_20181121105700

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i am not able to run mana-toolkit… when i open leafpad /etc/mana-toolkit/hostapd-mana.conf
a blank page opens there is nothing on the config page… please help me to get out of this problem

make very sure that you type in the leaf pad location exactly as the example. if you are off even by a small amount leafpad will open a blank or new page.

i have opened in a leafpad and wrote same path but did not working,…

Did you find any way?
i’m also stuck in it

Can someone please update this post? I am using kali-Linux and this is not working to create access point.

Seems a bit helpless when people have been asking this question so many times. If it has been answered somewhere else, can you update this thread?

You need to post the question under hacking hence it hasn’t been answered here…

I am getting the same problem…plz help

Did you try running this a second time, very often it fails first time but running the same bash… command again makes the programme run.
Mana is deprecated but I have recently installed in a new Kali install and it works fine for me, but only when running the bash command a second time.

The command works for me except the internet doesn’t show up and when i do iwconfig it says wlan0 is o “Master” mode.