Can we open a .exe file in metasploit

What are you trying to do exactly? Can you explain in detail?

The main issue is I have a .exe file which is not working properly, so i have to pass through the .exe file or i have to find the problem and bypass it, means i don’t know how to work with it, my brother told me to use metasploit or another application to run it properly like immunity debugger like, tell me some solution, when i open the file it shows blank screen and i have to run it properly by bypass it

This is still a messy story. If you want someone to understand what you want to do you really need to give more information. Maybe some screenshots. And is .exe file a listener , exploit or a payload?

i want that the .exe file to run in windows virtual maschine but virtual maschine detect it and .exe file does not work properly so how to bypass virtual box so it will not detect it…

Do you get any errors while running this exe file? Also, I have not heard about .exe created by metasploit not working because of the OS being a virtual machine. Are you sure it is not running because it is a virtual machine or maybe the created exe is not created properly to make it run. I am still confused to what exactly you did to create this exe and what exactly are you trying to do with this exe