Metasploitable Website Issue

Hi, I downloaded Metasploitable and put it in VM. I ran it and ran the ifconfig command and on the 2nd line after inet addr i went into my kali machine and typed in the ip i got and searched but unlike how it is supposed to happen, I got a website saying “It works!” in the top left corner in bold. Is this what it is supposed to do? I also after that ran the “sudo nano /var/www/mutillidae/” and got a black screen with a few command suggestions at the bottom.

can you share a screenshot of the network settings of each VM?
If I read this it looks like that you are using NAT and not a nat network. I think the it works page is the default index page of the Kali web server

Here are screenshots of both my Kali and my Metasploitable machines

nvm this is the default metasploitable 1 page!
this is from vulnhub:

this is how metasploitable 2 looks:
meta 2

so i think everything works for you

my preference is metasploitable 2 because of DVWA and Mutillidae