Midlife career change

What is the best way to get my foot in the door, I have no IT background

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hi, I just started down the same path, a midlife career change diving into CyberSecurity. I actually ended up here from this blog:

There appears to be plenty of demand and opportunity out there and no specific “right way” to get there. There is definitely a need for those without or without IT background.

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Hi there. I basically am in the same situation as you although have been on the path since mid last year. My personal advice is to get strong solid foundations in understanding Networking and really get to know the OSI Model (see below),
OSI Model

That gives you awesome foundation for grasping how it all fits together from simple through to complex.



Also as a KEY POINT as well, Nathans’
Volume 2: Networking Security also given you an excellent foundation when connecting basic theory with the real life practicalities and how to do things correctly. 'm assuming your already in his class already. If not, then dive into it. His learning environments are very engaging and dynamic.
Check it out on Station X
The Complete Cyber Security Course! Volume 2 : Network Security