Migrate Android backdoor [solved]

I have few questions.

  1. how can I migrate android backdoor to the system, so I will have an access even if my backdoored app is not running?

  2. How can I backdoor iPhone apps?

  3. is there any delivery method to update backdoored app through PlayStore?

thanks a lot.

Hello Denis,

Here’s your answers:

  1. Android’s meterpreter does not support migrate functionality, the best thing to do if you want some kind of persistence is to manually install your backdoor as a service, checkout the following post on how to do that https://null-byte.wonderhowto.com/how-to/create-persistent-back-door-android-using-kali-linux-0161280/

  2. The main problem with iPhones is users can’t install apps unless they download them from the app store, or if they have a jailbroken device.

  3. You can try to publish your app through the play store, an update is a bit tough cause the play store uses secure ssl communication so even if you manage to become the man in the middle you still won’t be able to modify the data sent/received.