Missing content || Wrong Lecture Links

Hey @Zaid,
I hope your well,

I decided to start your lecture again but this time reading all your lecture notes and additional personal research using the “man” tool so that i can experiment with the tools in more in depth whilst taking notes and following your lecture slowly.
On your lecture slides (https://www.filepicker.io/api/file/4OGGGiGGRWObKz5a9VIT ) Page 8, You have noted quote:
refer to the attached “rules.txt” file for examples of rules.

however you didnt cover this slide on Section 5. Network Penetration Testing - Pre Connection Attacks of your video and I cannot find these files on kali.


I would also like to add. under your video " Gaining Access Introduction" The lecture slide link which you have included is your previous lecture slides - Ie
Pre-connection Link - Correct
Gaining access link - Wrong, Linking to Pre-connection slids (please referrer to Section 6. Network Penetration Testing - Gaining Access (WEP/WPA/WPA2 Cracking) video)
Post connection link - Correct
Detection + Security slides (Have note passed Gaining access lessons but will update when I am there)

Could you please update it so that it includes the correct slides.

If I remember correctly Zaid said the slides are from an older version of the lecture. Since then the lecture has been updated and the video in the lesson doesn’t use a rules file.

Slides should be ok for all sections where they are supposed to be.