Multi handler issue

Hello Zaid,
I cannot run any commands on the targeted machine, I configured the backdoors correctly exactly as you explained on your videos, but after configurng the multi handler and clicking on exploit on msfconsole, it is not showing me the meterpreter word to be able to run commands, please check the below screenshots:

Here is how I created the backdoor with veil evasion:

Hi @Engmostafa26, I see that your meterpreter session has started. You can press enter after this, and then you will get the msf5 exploit(multi/handler) > back. Now, type sessions -l to see the open sessions. You can open any sessions using the command sessions -i <id>. This way, you will be able to get back on the session. I don’t see any other fault with that as it shows the session is opened.

I pressed Enter and it is not showing anything, check the below SS:

Then I tried with ctrl+c and typed session -l then session -i 1 to go to the session, it is showing me unknown command for all commands, please check the below SS

I dunno why it is so complicated, please help :slight_smile:

Can you try opening the metasploit in new tab and then type sessions -l command? Pressing Ctrl + C will stop the meterpreter connection

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Could you tell me which msfconsole version you have , please?
I think that I have the latest version but it has a lot of issues. the versioin that I have is 5.0.87-dev

Are you not using the custom Kali by Zaid? Download that and try this there. The link is

The msfconsole version on this is 5.0.71-dev