My metasploit wouldn’t see the payload during “listening setup”

After generating a payload and running the metasploit for listening, it doesn’t show the “go/meterpreter/rev_https, port 8080” after the “show options” command.
It also runs into a critical error. See attached photos.

image image

i need help please!

These VirtualBox errors can be very tricky at times, even for advanced users. You might want to take a look at this and see if you can diagnose/fix:

There are just so many possibilities and factors. You can try downloading the most recent VB direct from the website and reinstalling, also the extension pack afterwards, even if you did it yesterday. I believe a new version came out in the last 24 hours.

After that you could try creating a new virtual machine. Remove previous VM without deleting the virtual drive file from the host hard drive (there will be a window that will ask). Attach VD file to the new VM, make sure your new settings are correct (see course videos again for setup), and start it, see if that helps. You may need to look at the VirtualBox help manual for some of these steps.

Make sure you have plenty of host hard drive free space too.

Try these suggestions at your own risk. (I’m only a student, not an expert by any means.)

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