My Veil installations doesn’t show the “setup” command

image Noticed that the customised Kali you gave me has “terminator” and no need to install another. Hence, I reached the stage in my course where I needed to install “Veil” but following the course instructions and putting the codes, the “root@kali:/opt/Veil# ls “ doesn’t bring out the “setup” command for Veil installation just as the course screen on the right side of the attached photo applies.

Please I need assistance!

The Veil GitHub page recommends running the following command from the Veil directory (which you were in):
./config/ --force --silent

Do so at your own risk, but that is the current recommended way.

Edit: I recommend creating a snapshot just prior to that command in case you run into any problems and would like to revert back.

Did that and it gave me this

How much memory do you have allotted to Kali, 1 GB? And how much total memory on your host machine?

i allotted 1792 MB to Kali and i have 8GB on my Host machine

Hmmm… I still wonder if there is a memory issue. Perhaps try closing as many programs as possible on the host but VirtualBox and the running Kali guest to free up host memory. Then try allocating 3 GB to Kali and see if you have plenty of swap space available on Kali. Make sure VirtualBox and Guest Additions are up-to-date.

I noticed you appear to be watching an outdated course video. The image shows “Veil 3.0”; the current video should show “Veil 3.1”. The setup file is inside the /opt/Veil/config directory now, as is shown in the current course video.

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ok. i will study and check as you have said. thanks

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it worked. thanks

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