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I’m a new student in this courses and at this point I’m learning about CompTIA a+ for my fundamental IT knowledge. I want to ask a thing about this particular topic (Chapter 03 - CPU -Caching). Michael (the guy in the video) said about the speed of the system unit component where CPU is faster than RAM and RAM is faster than HDD, which create a problem.

There are points where CPU needs the next line of code to process, but since CPU is faster than RAM and HDD, the RAM can’t keep up. My question is, if the CPU have a thing called sRAM and cache, won’t it make the CPU faster? Please someone explain it in detail what’s really the solution for RAM and HDD to keep up with CPU speed, since I can’t really understand it from the video. Thankyou


The first tip: get the book by Mike Meyers too.
The second tip: Every Monday and Wednesday Mike gives an AMA on Youtube.

The third tip send him an email.
For a question like this I advise you to send him an email.
This is too much for a simple answer on a forum.

Good Luck :slight_smile:


Off topic, but just want to thank you Edwin for the TotalSeminars youtoube link. I didnt know Mike Meyers did a regular Q&A on youtube.

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Mike Meyers is knowledgeable and funny at the same time. The perfect combination for learning. I have learned a lot from him recently and I also passed my 2 A + exams. I bought his book + the video training here and Jason Dion’s test exams. (udemy) And passed the 2 exams with almost 800 points. So I’m totally happy :slight_smile: Now I’m working on Network +.

Wow, how do you know so much?
I’ll be starting Network+ in Jan after (hopefully) passing A+ core 2 next month.
I concur, Mike Meyers is awesome.

Indeed Mike Meyers is awesome. I passed my Security+ by watching his videos.

This is my goal. :point_up_2:
Mike Meyers is fantastic. And I am also very happy with StationX.
I think my VIP subscription is really cheap. (for what I get in return)
I just hope that StationX can continue to offer Jason Dion’s Courses in the future. This also helped me a lot.
And thank you @Apurv-StationX for answering all the questions here on the forum.

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