Need more details on OPSEC

I need a little more details on OPSEC please help me out

Have you watched the section on OPSEC that is very comprehensive?

Yes I have watched it but can you give me a little more details on OPSEC

You will need to be more specific?

Need help in creating a new identity

That’s covered on the course. Again you are not asking specific questions.

Hi cicada,

as nathan mention, your question is way to large as it is. i did pass through all of the 4 volumes and i can assure you, if you do all the listening carefully, taking notes at the same times, you will have all you need to create your new identity.

me and someone else have posted at least 2 articles on peoples who did bad on opsec. you can do some search on your own on that too. that will help you not making the same mistake.


Speaking of OPSEC you say in your course that ideally you should purchase a VPN subscription anonymously. How would one do that? Your ISP will know you went to the VPN website even if you pay anonymously. Also when you connect to a VPN what does the ISP see? Dont they see that you are connected to a VPN service? If you bought a brand new computer, how would you connect it to a VPN anonymously? Sorry if these questions seem basic but I have gone through most of the course and i still am not sure how I would set up these services privately.

You need to watch volume 3. I go into painful detail about all of this.

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for your question joemama,
if you want to be totaly anonymous on some action, you have to work from free access point (internet cafe, restaurent, hotel, etc) where you stay away from video recording if possible.

this is how you do things when you want to stay anonymous. as nathan said, it’s all covered in the volume 3.

Wow, I feel I need to watch my Jason Bourne movies all over again. This info is amazing!

Just finishing the OPSEC Class - All I can say is Fantastic!

Thank you. I try my best. :slight_smile: